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CMES-OMS Petroleum Development Company Limited (COPDC) is an 100% indigenous local content services provider with expertise in hydrocarbon exploration, production and safe distribution systems to the oil and gas sector in Nigeria and the globe.

COPDC provides project management services through all stages of projects especially in the oil & gas sector. Our Project Management team consists of highly talented personnel with diverse background and experience covering Project planning & programming, Assessment/feasibility studies, Design management, Procurement/purchasing, Quality management, Technical and Environmental Due Diligence (TEDD), Risk analysis, Investment analysis, Cost control, Contracting administration, Project inspection and everything in-between.

Our project managers work very closely with all relevant departments including Engineering, Security, Procurement & Compliance to facilitate delivery of projects safely, to the highest quality, within budget and on time. Our professional, collaborative and inclusive management style promotes effective working relationships between all parties and departments. We drive down project costs by using our knowledge of key markets and by ensuring that we have a detailed understanding of the client’s brief.

Moreover, CMES and OMS, the mother companies have capabilities and track records in excellent Engineering Designs and sound Technical Solutions, Maritime Security Services and Project Control in onshore and offshore oil & gas sector in Nigeria.